fitzup已先宣布推出印度的 身体素质 League christened as ‘Alpha Fit Games’ for the first time in Mumbai. With a proven history of hosting multiple successful league formats; Sunny Arora along with Neeraj Mishra are elated to announce the launch of their new venture at The Westin Mumbai Garden City. This grand collaboration with FitZup witnessed an attendance of celebrities, influencers & fitness enthusiasts from the entertainment, hospitality, fitness & business fraternities.

阿尔法适合游戏是fitzup举办的冠军,在印度最大的健身的联赛之一。由国际运动形式的启发,该 游戏 brought the nation’s fittest celebrities & athletes together in a 身体素质 League which included 6 teams of pro athletes that battled for the championship. Designed with multiple obstacles and fitness challenges, the objective of the 游戏 was to inspire and educate the country’s millennia to pursue fitness as a lifestyle and make them aware that fitness is much more than body building.

FitZup announces the launch of ‘Alpha Fit Games’

Sunny Arora, the Founder of FitZup, said, “Athletic/Fitness Leagues are not a new phenomenon; internationally a lot of Hollywood celebrities own such a format. We at FitZup, strive in impacting individual lives by inspiring them through the mode of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Alpha Fit Games is a platform where the 身体素质 Celebrities, Athletes & Influencers, along with the 印度人 观众会得到启发,并灌输一种健康的生活方式。今天,我们的政府对健身通过我们的总理的宠物项目确定的“适应印度运动”由于围绕健身意识在国内越来越大。这样的项目铁定的推动力崇高的倡议“。


FitZup announces the launch of ‘Alpha Fit Games’

沙拉德·达塔,总经理,威斯汀孟买花园城市,说:“这是我们最大的荣幸与fitzup协作。完美地与威斯汀品牌,我们的主张是什么事件拟合的概念。此次推出的“阿尔法适合游戏”的确是一个巨大的成功带来的印度许多武器 体育 一起。我们希望活动的成功铺平了道路,该国对健身和健康的生活方式的人的一种方式。”